1. I don't plan ahead very well (such as backing-up files I might want later). Actually, that's not true. I plan ahead just fine. It's the execution of the plan that is often the problem.
  2. I take physical, spiritual and emotional comfort from the presence of books. I realize this is unnatural, but I don't really care.
  3. I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.
  4. I am in my early thirties.
  5. I am the shyest extrovert I know. Or perhaps the most gregarious introvert.
  6. I'm a terrible speller with abysmal grammar skills.
  7. I'm drawn to people who are artistic, smart, creative, dynamic, and who have extensive vocabularies.
  8. I have a hard time resisting a storyteller.
  9. Men with Brains = sexy. Also, men with swords = sexy. Heaven help my heart the day I meet I yarn-spinning pirate who can quote the OED verbatim.
  10. I don't take myself seriously. Or most other people, for that matter.
  11. If I could afford it, I would spend more of the year travelleing the world than I would at home.
  12. I am prepared to accept sponsorship to be a world traveller.
  13. I have an inexplicable proclivity for watching home improvement television shows, despite the fact that I rent and don't own - and can't make sweeping changes to my apartment.
  14. I live with my pet robot, Trotwood. Well, really I shouldn't call him a pet, he's more of a minion. And, I really shouldn't call him a minion, because "Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok..." (and I want to stay on his good side)
  15. I believe there is an appropriate Simpsons quote for every occassion, and that, if someone can quote The Simpsons they can't be all bad.
  16. I can sing along to nearly any song that comes on the radio; whether you want me to or not.
  17. I'm a fan of British comedy.
  18. I watch very little TV, and yet will still pay for digital cable so I can have BBC America.
  19. I have a hard time comprehending the fact that some people don't read for pleasure.
  20. I like cheese, monkeys, and naps; one equally as much as the other, but rarely in conjunction with each other.
  21. I hate restrictive scheduling.
  22. I don't write as often as I should.
  23. I enjoy games of all sorts (video, board, role-playing, etc), but not as much as other people I know. (With the possible exception of sports, which more or less bore me much of the time.)
  24. I have a constant need to be entertained.
  25. I prefer salty snacks to sweet, dark chocolate to milk, and cold weather to hot.
  26. I like to dance, but I'm terrible at it.
  27. I have no life plan.
  28. Most times I prefer it that way.
  29. It's difficult to make me truly angry, but someone who succeeds would be surprised by how long I can hold a grudge.
  30. It is, however, tremendously easy to annoy me. Some people do it by merely existing.
  31. I am cynical and suspicious by nature.
  32. Although I tend to be fairly guarded, I'll likely answer any direct question you ask.
  33. I try to never say never.
  34. I like Starbucks coffee and I refuse to feel badly about it.
  35. The first question people ask when they meet me is usually "Is that your real name?"
  36. The second is "Were your parents hippies?"
  37. The answers are "Yes" and "No" respectively.
  38. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  39. This is followed by Free Comic Book Day - which is not a sanctioned holiday, but should be.
  40. I dislike being asked to provide the name of my favorite song, film, book, etc - because I find these things change moment to moment.
  41. I hate the idea of being caged in - in actuality or metaphorically.
  42. When it comes to technology, I love things that are shiny and new. Gadgets make me very happy.
  43. When it comes to books and buildings and cities, I prefer things that have some history to them.
  44. I have a tattoo of an inkwell and quill pen on my right shoulder, and the kanji for the word "star" (hoshi) on my left.
  45. I prefer to be barefoot.
  46. When a film based on a book comes out, or a movie remake is released, I feel the need to read the book and/or see the original film version, regardless of whether or not I plan to see the remake.
  47. I have an overactive imagination.
  48. I am the eldest of 3 girls.
  49. My brain is my own worst enemy; especially when I'm asleep.
  50. I enjoy going to the movies by myself.
  51. I think most movies seen in the theater should be accompanied by popcorn; and that the popcorn should be freshly popped and drenched in real butter.
  52. I'm bad with numbers.
  53. My college degree (Bachelors in English Lit with a minor in Theatre Arts and a certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies) makes me darn near unemployable....except perhaps by a roving group of Panto performers.
  54. Should I ever find such a group, I may well run away with them.
  55. Someday I'd like to open my own bookstore, and spend my days reading and discussing books with people, and not caring whether I sell the books or not.
  56. Even though I am allergic to most furry animals, I'd like that bookstore to have a cat. I'm a firm believer in the institution of the Bookstore Cat.
  57. I still believe a man's word should be his bond.
  58. I readily admit to being a geek. Also a dork, and possibly a nerd - although somehow I feel being bad with numbers precludes me from nerdom.
  59. I would like to clarify that I don't mean the kind of geek that bites the head off of chickens. I mean, that's fine if that's your bag, but it's not my thing. (The book Geek Love was phenomenal, but *definitely* not what I was expecting).
  60. I would like to resurrect words and slang from the past and reinstate them in the modern vocabulary.
  61. I resent modern ideas about brevity of thought and language. Words should be allowed to stretch and breathe and roll off the tongue and/or on the page.
  62. In stating the previous, I am not condoning the run-on sentence, even though it is a sin of which I am often guilty.
  63. Someday I mean to have a deep, claw-foot slipper tub, preferrably in cast iron. Then I shall fill it will bubbles and possibly never leave.
  64. I like long walks in the rain, but hate to admit it because it makes me sound like a parody of a dating advert.
  65. I enjoy discussions about religion and faith, so long as all parties involved respect the others' beliefs or lack thereof.
  66. I have no religious affiliations, but do believe in infinite possibilities. (More things, Horatio, than dreamt of, etc, etc)
  67. I can become bored with a job very easily.
  68. I prefer to be continually challenged.
  69. I long for the day the lounging pajama is considered the height of fashion.
  70. I like solving puzzles - particularly word puzzles.
  71. I would like to learn how to program; it seems like something I would enjoy.
  72. I co-wrote a video game once - Slouching Towards Bedlam - but I didn't do any of the programming involved.
  73. Slouching Towards Bedlam won an award, which pleases me because now I can say I'm an "award winning game writer."
  74. It is difficult for other people to embarrass me.
  75. It is very easy for me to embarrass myself.
  76. I dislike public speaking immensely.
  77. I have an inquisitive personality.
  78. I once joined a secret society just to learn what it was they did. Once I found out, I never went back. (It really wasn't that interesting.)
  79. I did have to undergo an intiation ceremony to join.
  80. I am fan of horror fiction (books, film etc) - and my tastes run the gamut from classic suspense to full-on, gorey slasher stuff.
  81. Gothic horror is probably my favor horror sub-genre.
  82. I always have a thing for vampire fiction. Passe, I know.
  83. I love to laugh.
  84. I am more of a "one-of-the-guys" gal than a "girly-girl."
  85. I hate to be categorized.
  86. I have a fairly dark sense of humor.
  87. I'm much nicer than this list makes me out to be.
  88. I can not hold my grog. I know this only from third-party, anecdotal evidence.
  89. Well, third-party, anecdotal evidence and a 2-day long hangover.
  90. I'd like to learn how to edit films - get a Super 8 camera and make my own movies.
  91. I know you can simulate Super 8 with DV these days - but I just don't think it's the same.
  92. Some things I wanted to be growing-up: a back-up singer, a scream queen, and an author.
  93. I'd still like to be any of those things, except maybe a back-up singer. Now I'd like to front the band.
  94. I don't sing well enough to front the band.
  95. This does not stop me from enjoying karoke with friends.
  96. I have gone for karoke in Japan. There we did in in a private room, with waitress service, which I believe is really the only way to go.
  97. I am a caffiene fiend.
  98. I won't keep a tv in the bedroom. My new apartment is a studio, and my computer now doubles as my tv - so my tv is now in my bedroom. But I'm not happy about it.
  99. I think people who say "and this is where the magic happens" when showing off their bedrooms lack a great deal of imagination.
  100. I am a night person.