31 October

Taking the fun out...
At my workplace we're all giving out candy today; we're supposed to trick-or-treat at 1 pm. Of course all of the candy is out already. The woman at the end of my cube-block (a sweetie) has gotten a tray of cookies. Poor thing got low carb, low-fat and just plain old regular treats! She's announcing to everyone who walks by the grams of fat and grams of carbs in everything. While it's sweet that she's trying to accommodate everyone (although I don't think anything is vegan), I fear by the middle of the day I'll want to shove those treats somewhere the sun-don't-shine.

30 October

In yesterday's Salon Camille Paglia discusses quite a few things.... read the whole article, it'll get you thinking. Most interesting to this forum are a few points she brought up about how the web have caused (allowed?) people to give up the practice of fine arts -- hence why we get crappy music and no real stars. (There's also another article that goes into people not being ostracized for being geeks and how this will impact future creative development.)

She also rips into blogs, but I have to say I agree with her.... present blogger excluded (we love you Sarcasmo!).

The second article, which I haven't read yet, is from today's issue:
Hackers on Atkins
Geeks who go low-carb see it as more than just taking off pounds -- they're reengineering the human organism, overclocking their own bodies
By Katharine Mieszkowski

Maybe the PALs will be interested in this.... although someone will have to explain "overclocking."

29 October

Inner Fortitude
So my friend and I were watching a History Channel show about the Kursk submarine disaster. It took days for the rescue crews to get there, and even though there was little chance that there would be survivors, the rescuers felt it was there duty to go. They reasoned that if they were on board they'd survive on the belief that help was coming. (Apparently there are places on board where crew members could survive for days, if they got to these areas and sealed them off in time.)

I cannot even begin to imagine being trapped in a submarine which has sunk. Submarine sailors are psychologically chosen for their duty -- but what questions determine how they would do in a situation such as this? I guess we all have our own limits. I think I'd make it if stranded at (above) sea --like the woman who was recently rescued after falling from a fishing boat. (She was in the water for 13 hours and then found an abandoned oil rig to climb onto & was rescued from there)

And on that happy note, have a great day!

28 October

Cities In Dust
Today finds me worried. My friend lives in San Diego. Yesterday her work was closed early. Freeways are closed down. Her and her brother's homes aren't in emanate danger, but she has a friend who's home is, and he's refusing to leave. She probably has lots of friends whose houses are in danger. Her only email to me yesterday spoke of smoke and dark skies and the smell of burning. No more emails, and she didn't return a call made to her last night. I hope it's just that communication systems are down in Cali.

As a result, I can't get "Cities In Dust" by Siouxsie & the Banshees out of my brain. This song actually came out when I was in high school. At the time I was involved in a summer science program and we went to Centralia, PA. (For those of who aren't familiar with this town, it has been on fire since 1961. The fires are in mines below the city.) We went to study the environmental effects of the fires. We did water testing, vegetation surveys and soil testing. It was a hot summer that year, but all I can really remember how much hotter is was there when we got off our busses. And in the heat, a few of us just kept repeating the song over and over again.... .

edited to add this link.... here's a NASA picture of the California fires

27 October

Birthdays all around....
So I can't let today go by without wishing my crush of over 20 years a Happy Birthday! Simon Lebon of Duran Duran turns 45 today. They're on tour now -- it's not one of those cheesy --we're old and need to make money for our estate tours -- they actually sound better than they did back in the day, really! It seems alot of people who've figured out my Durannie past think it's because of their good looks. But honestly, I heard his words first.

Also today is Sylvia Playth's birthday. I was required to read "The Bell Jar" in high school, but always just thought of her as the female poet who killed herself. It's taken reading Sarah Moses' book "Wintering: A Novel of Sylvia Plath" to get a sense (albeit, in this case a fictionalised sense) of her as a more complete person.

Both of Playth and Lebon have lives that have overshadowed their work. So ignore their images and grab a CD or grab a book to celebrate the poetry of one of these artists.

26 October

Welcome to me, welcome to me!
Well, first off I'd like thank Sarcasmo for this chance to side-bar her posts. I have thought about a ton of stuff for this week, but I'm sure I'll forget most of it... My only goals for this week are to make you laugh or think about something from a new perspective. Hopefully I can do that. (and don't flame me if I don't!)

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