14 November

Hey, it's George Pal, Master of Puppetoons!
Our friends say: We have a budget deficit that's bigger compared with the size of our economy than Argentina before their 2001 crack-up.

Our enemies say: There is no doubt that the demise of America and its collapse will lead to the collapse of these fragile regimes that depend on it.

I say: Turbonegro must be DESTR0YED!

13 November

they send their laundry to Kuwait

Prayer for Emmett

How many people does Bush drag around with him?

Marc Cooper: Do you not think of Bush and Ashcroft as Americans?

I think of them as an alien army. They have managed to take over everything, and quite in the open. We have a deranged president. We have despotism. We have no due process.

dangerous puppets

Grimm's fairytales, by Terry Gilliam!

Ancient and modern technology from Belgium.
Some Dubya that almost made me spit up my coffee.

12 November

technology that fills me with awe
"The telephone is a marvelous invention, I can imagine a time when there will be one in every city" - quote from the turn of the previous century

This will change things in ways we can not even begin to imagine.

Diamond computer chips will run much faster than silicon. Smart bandages, what will they think of next? The future of cars. Who would have thought that bottled water would be big money? The Global Energy Network was a concept that Al Gore had been behind. And last but not least, the home of the World Game.

Why do I know about this?

I love Milk & Cheese!

They are so cute! I want a dozen!


NSFW(language) - For the uncreative.

top o' the mornin'
Just out of the 'who gets a heart' meeting - always a little edgy, but go figure, considering the discussions.

The Ugly American
Clear the way for President Bush
Mmmm... Sexy!
My favorite online book
Ah.. welcome to the ghetto.
Hey, panhandlers in cyberspace!

11 November

rights redux
US occupation soldiers handcuffed and firmly wrapped masking tape around an Iraqi man's mouth as they arrested him for speaking out against occupation troops.

Over in the big column, Sarcasmo proves that she didn't spend enough time playing Paranoia. Rights? C'mon.

Maybe it's because I have a friend who sends me every speech by Noam Chomsky he can find on the web.

In today's issue of "Do you know who your government is?"

kung-fu madness
First, a suitable soundtrack for kung-fu Tuesday.

Second, a shout out to the man who came back to the big screen!

Third, what does it take to have kung-fu?

There, that should get us rolling.

10 November

internet dating
Came home from work, did up the laundry and cooked some meatballs & rice. Got done with that stuff and it was too late to go to the movies. That's ok, because tomorrow there's no time for working about the homestead!

Juke box of Brian played Appetite for Destruction by G'n'R, Revelations by The Fields of the Nephilim, a bunch of Sisters of Mercy tunes, and my current latest purchase - high rotation- Hai!

But that's not what this post is about. I'm in love with Jennifer Petlinski, thanks to computers. This post is about internet dating.

When I was getting ready to go to Austin, Texas, my friend Bernie sent me a link to the Austin Chronicle, suggesting I peruse it to find a musical event for one of the nights I was in town. A picture from the personals caught my eye, and I clicked on it. I thought it was kind of odd that some woman from Philadelphia would have a personal in the Austin Chronicle. I discovered the only way to send an email to this person was to spend $25 and 'become a member'. Well, fuck it, I thought, why not? So I did.

Guess what? I haven't met a single new person through this 'internet dating service'.

Guess what else? I've found the profiles for several people I already know, including someone that Sarcasmo and Emmett introduced me to, and an ex-girlfriend.

Ew. Philadelphia, as the home-town of Kevin Bacon, features an interesting variation on 'Six Degrees of Separation' - we call it one degree of separation.

As for Jennifer Petlinski, well, I'll be crushed for days. I would have never even known who she was if it weren't for Google and Kevin Bacon!

I don't have time to read the news. You don't have time to keep up with the news. All the news you never wanted to know, right in front of your nose. No scrolling! No mucky details! Scroll over to get the important tasty bits!

Warning: Tomorrow is crazy kung-fu day, you've been warned.

Go see Charlies Angels tonight! Where else in Philly can you get beer at the movies?
Wrong, not safe for work, inside view of a deranged mind, etc. You know what do do CLick!

Pick a pill. No, I don't know what happens when you pick one. Just do it!

Why don't Emmett and Sarcasmo have one of these in their living room?

I spent Halloween weekend going to Austin and seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the big screen, while visiting friends in Texas. Afterwards, I had a tremendous hangover, probably from drinking too much during the movie.

just a test
Ok, I've never done this blogger blogging blogged thing before, so this is all new to me.

I imagine this thing accepts in-line html, so let's find out.

We love Joe Cartoon

I'm going to try to give you all something interesting but I am not sure I can compete with racy stuff like legal whoring...

Spent yesterday working with the crew on the dj booth/computer desk in my apartment.

More later, let's see if this thing works!

09 November

ITs a miracle. Tim and I have gotten over half of our Christmas shopping done. I'll wait while those of you who know us get over the shock ... sadly, this motivation has been inspired because he is going to be in the States for the next for months, and we wanted to get at least some of the shopping done together.

I'm always amazed at the things that people have to say when Tim leaves. It is part of his job, and one that we accept as a part of our life, and much to many people's surprise, we are okay with it. I only wish I got to travel so much for work. But still people, perfect strangers even, find they have to offer up their piece of mind. In the last few weeks it has been suggested that I take a leave of absence, or even quit my job, to go with my husband. To do what exactly I wonder, when this suggestion is made. Sit around a hotel room (I wouldn't be able to stay with him) to service him in the hour or so a day I'd get to see him? Has the definition of marriage been changed recently from equal partnership to legal whoring? I am not his concubine I am his wife.

In a strange way, I look forward to these times when we are apart. Of course I miss him, but I always find the time to learn something new, meet new people or get involved with a new organization. I always find a little more of myself, and that is a welcome thing. Plus we are forced to make time for each other when we are seperated in a way that doesn't always happen when we are together. We have the best conversations when we are a world apart.

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