25 November

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artifical intelligence is no match for natural stupidity
darwin candidates

24 November

The Great Satan
You know, sometimes the atrocity of it all gets overwhelming, and we just need to shield ourselves from the news a little. Here is my friend Marc's attempt at coping with the war. I'm not sure it's 'right', or in 'good taste', but maybe it removes us a degree from the pain.

23 November

Thanks to the Sarcasmo the Great and Terrible for giving me the sidebar for the week. I humbly apologize for being less than riveting in my commentary. Thanks to those of you who came over to the Hazel House last night for the great good fun therein - I think our happy couple enjoyed themselves and were really surprised! We'll be having lots more get togethers, hopefully with suitable amounts of games and karaoke.

After everyone left, Viva and I drank the rest of the open wine, smoked about a pack of cigarettes and chatted for a good couple of hours, the way we used to when we were in college. It was a nice capper to a fun night.

Incidentally, Emmett owes me a continuation of our argument...

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