17 March

What's in a name?
Over the course of my pregnancy my husband and I had many *lively* discussions about what to name our son. 20,001 babynames, and there was only 1 that we could agree on. It's a lovely welsh name, with a nice meaning (fiery, zealous) and a not too boring spelling).

So why is it that I never call my son by his name? He's most often "bug" - often with the add ons of "hum-", "grumpy-", "doodle-", "-in-a-rug", etc. more recently I can also be heard calling him "handsome" when I talk to him. The obvious "cutey", "mr. grumpy pants", "stinky butt", and "grumpy von grumperson" are also household favorites.

While this is all great fun, and usually they can get a big smile out of my son (always worth it), I wonder when he will actually know his real name? I imagine aggrivated kindergarten teachers in a few years calling my son by his given name and him not responding.

Even better will be when he starts to call me "silly-mommy" as I'm pretty sure I have never refered to myself as anything but to him.

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