09 June

The Things I Never Thought I'd Do
We can now add another item to the list of things that I never thought I’d be doing: I am officially on booger patrol.

I’ve discovered one major flaw in the grand design of human anatomy – babies do not have the strength to blow their own nose. And I CAN NOT STAND the sight of boogers in my sons nose. Which means that I am on constant booger alert. Not just the dried and crusty at the end of the nose kind either. Part of our daily routine now involves either my husband or I holding my son down while we suck the snot from his nose with a handy-dandy baby snot-sucking tool. Which my son now recognizes from across the room and immediately begins the squirm and head-turn routine that accompanies each of these attempts.

The boogers don’t seem to bother my husband much. Nor do the daycare workers that care for my son seem at all annoyed by them. And yet, I cannot resist them. Where in my pre-baby life I might have been drawn in by a great bottle of 16-year-old whiskey, or a box of Belgium chocolates enjoyed in Belgium, no my strongest desire is going after boogers.

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