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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stories That Never Were #1

The request: Make up a title for a story I didn't write, and I will respond with details of those non-written stories.

The Title: Was it Really Gazpacho?

The Result:Edgar Anderson was a trustfund baby, raised, along with his interest, by a board of financiers and the blind old family Nanny who often had time distinguishing Edgar from the family dog, (also named Edgar, as his mother, exhausted from childbirth, couldn’t be troubled to think of a second name at the time), which was given to Edgar as a gift on the occasion of his birth by his perpetually absent father. By age 5, he had stopped correcting Nanny. By age 7, he had begun seeking inward for those intangibles he couldn’t find around him. By 7 ½ he had suffered his first existential crisis. By 16, he had subscribed (and made sizable donations to) most of the world religions. At 21, and fully in control of his finances, Edgar exhausted them immediately, in search of a mythical yogi atop a distant mountain, about whom he heard whispers in every cult, ashram & “estate” the board of financiers had spent his teen years rescuing and deprogramming him from. At 23 – he succeeded, and was able to ask this wisest of wise men one question.

The book begins with Edgar at 24, trembling, broke, exhausted, half-way around the world from everyone and everything he ever knew….preparing to make a new life for himself armed only with the cold coffee left in his thermos and the answer to the question that had plagued Mankind throughout the ages. Join Edgar as he makes sense of his life among the ruins, and wonders, each and every day at this wisdom of the ages, whispered so succinctly from the weathered lips of the old man. Was it really, “gazpacho?” Or had the yogi merely mistook Edgar for the young man who regularly took his lunch order?


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