11 August

My 19 month old son, Rhys, has started speaking in sentences. His current favorite being "I GOT YOU!", spoken with all-caps enthusiasm everytime. He also has started saying "I love you", which warms my heart in ways I have no words to convey, even though I'm not convinced he knows what it means.

His favorite thing to say though, is "bootee". That I'm sure he knows the meaning of since he regularly informs me that he means "butt" after he says "bootee". Last night, while we were decorating the wall next to Rhys' bed with glow in the dark stars, my husband noticed that I had drawn the backside of a person on he chalkboard in his room. Earlier Rhys and I were playing and I asked him what he wanted a picture of. His reply was "bootee", so a bootee he got. This led to a discussion of the proper way to say the word. Bootee vs. Bootay, which my son jumped right on.

Now, when my son says glasses (both my husband and I wear them), it comes out sounding more like "sexy" than "glasses". So I'm not sure why we were surprised when he tried out "bootay" it came out sounding more like "pootang".

Once my gut-wrenching laughing reduced to a giggle and I lifted myself off of the floor, it was time to put our son to bed. After teeth brushing, a bath, a story and bedtime kisses, he started to drift off. While he was falling to sleep, he sang himself a song he made up (he does this alot). The whole thing consisted of one word – booteebooteebootee.

I love having a one-year old.

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